Preparing organizations for “what’s next”

Res. CyberStrategies is a data security, privacy and crisis communications firm. We assist organizations in strategic communications and reputation management before, during and after significant cyber threats and incidents. Our team is comprised of experts in our fields who have proven experience counseling organizations facing evolving cyber threats as well as intensifying legal, regulatory and reputational scrutiny.

“When a cyber crisis hits, the consequences of an event can alter the trajectory of an organization. You need a trusted advisor at your side to navigate through and after an event, advise decision makers, assess impact on critical stakeholders and the communication of sensitive information.”

Advisory Board Chair, Resolute Strategic Services, Former Director of Operations, National Security Agency



The app customized for SBAC members is not available in the Apple app store. You must request a download link.



The app customized for SBAC members is called “RES CyberSecurity.” Click the Android link below to ensure you download correct app.


The CyberSecurity App for SBAC members, created by RES. CyberStrategies, contains critical information and best practices regarding system security, cyber hygiene, alerts for cyber threats, and access to real-time cyber incident response support. The app is not a replacement for comprehensive cybersecurity planning or a strategic holistic approach to digitization. This app has been adapted to SBAC members’ interests and needs.

This App Includes:

  • Original content from leading international cybersecurity experts
  • Cybersecurity self-assessment tool that informs an organization’s preparedness
  • Cyber-threat intelligence updates from top cybersecurity experts and government sources
  • National cyber alerts and recommended actions
  • Critical security updates from leading technology companies
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Standards
  • Technology infrastructure recommendations and checklist
  • Access to regular webinars for current trends in digitalization, security and crisis communications
  • Glossary of essential cyber terms
Resolute CyberSecurity Hotline
This provides access to Resolute’s Incident Response Officer who can be hired for cybersecurity response services